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 Kerry Katona's Coke Binge Caught On Camera

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PostSubject: Kerry Katona's Coke Binge Caught On Camera   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:45 am

Kerry Katona's drug problem has come back to haunt the UK reality star!!!

The News of the World has obtained hidden camera footage of the mom of four snorting a line of coke in her own bathroom!! While her kids were home!!!!!

Katona, who has been teetering on the brink of rock bottom for months now, is seen cutting a big, fat line of coke with a £20 note on a metal tray in the video, which she then snorts up her nose with the same bill.

"Kerry IS an addict. She went in there, hoovered a line up her nose in a second and that was that," a source close to Kerry shared with the UK publication.

Friends say the Wednesday night cocaine binge was the end result of a four-day drinking bender in which Kerry, starting last Saturday, spent her days and nights guzzling wine, beer and vodka with friends, with her husband, alone - anywhere she could get her hands on the stuff.

The hard-pAArtying act is not cute anymore, Kerry!

This woman needs help in a major way - ASAP.

link to the video -

Source: News Of The World
Fron: Perez Hilton


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Kerry Katona's Coke Binge Caught On Camera
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