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 More Celebration News

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PostSubject: More Celebration News   Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:48 am

Unlike The Immaculate Collection, no remix or revisited versions are to be expected in Madonna’s double CD, Celebration. The upcoming greatest hits album features:

• Album versions for Hung up, Music, Into The Groove, Ray Of Light, Justify My Love, Material Girl, La Isla Bonita, Papa Don’t Preach, Burning Up, Who’s That Girl, Frozen, Take A Bow, Beautiful Stranger, Hollywood, Die Another Day and Live To Tell.
• Radio edits for 4 Minutes, Everybody, Sorry, Secret, Erotica, Dress You Up, Lucky Star, Miles Away and Don’t Tell Me.
• The Immaculate Collection versions for Vogue, Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Open Your Heart, Borderline, Crazy For You and Cherish.

Celebration and Revolver will of course also be featured on the double album.

Nothing sure about the unreleased song ‘Broken’, but it should be available as a bonus song on the digital release and another song ‘Cool’ should be used as a B-side for Revolver.

The promo for Celebration has already started in Japan, with huge posters in the stations of Tokyo
From: Absolument Madonna


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More Celebration News
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