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 Come and Have a Laugh Here ...

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PostSubject: Come and Have a Laugh Here ...   Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:43 pm

This all seems extremely far-fetched to us, but it’s been reported that the Russian Mafia are planning to kidnap the artist formerly known as Jordan. According to ‘sources’ the plan is to kidnap Katie Price while she’s promoting her Equestrian label KP around the globe. An insider said: "Mobsters are said to be plotting to snatch Kate while she is in Marbella and whisk her off into the Med on a yacht." Ms Price is said to have upped her security after discovering the plot and is keeping her cage fighter boyfriend Alex Reid close at hand at all times. What do you reckon? Can this be for real? It all sounds very odd. Unless of course the Russian Mafia have a penchant for pink gilets and hipster jodhpurs.


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Come and Have a Laugh Here ...
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