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 Belgium won't be Frozen on Madonna's Celebration

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PostSubject: Belgium won't be Frozen on Madonna's Celebration   Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:36 am

The inclusion of "Frozen" in the tracklist of Madonna's upcoming greatest hits album will not prevent "Celebration" - the collection - from having a physical release in Belgium. The news comes in from the Belgian media today, who report that a special version of the greatest hits album will be pressed for the Belgian market, and this one will not include the song subject to the legal dispute.

As M-Tribers remember in 2005 a Belgian court ruled in that part of the theme from Madonna's "Frozen" was plagiarized from a song called "Ma vie fout le camp", composed by Salvatore Acquaviva. The lines that started the controversy are the ones that the "You only see what you're eyes want to see" lyrics are set to.
The judge ordered the withdrawal from sales of all remaining discs featuring the track, forbidding any further emission of the song on the Belgian airwaves and TV.

Online retailer Fnac is already listing a "BE Version" of the new CD in their catalogue, although no tracklisting is included at the moment and it is not known yet if another song or bonus track will replace the banned tune. As reported here a few days ago the Belgian iTunes music store have already listed a "Frozen-free" version of the album in their catalogue since last week.

"Frozen" was still part of the setlist of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet show this Summer when the tour stopped in Werchter, Belgium.

From: Madonna Tribe


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Belgium won't be Frozen on Madonna's Celebration
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